Our Story

At the end of the 40s, my grandfather decided together with his brother to embark on the greatest adventure of their lives, saying goodbye to their beloved village of Lugo and promising to return one day.

After several weeks of crossing the Atlantic, they arrived in Argentina, a country that would welcome them, without them knowing it, until the end of their days.

Years after his arrival, my great-Tío had a great idea. He understood that life had given him a second chance and, of course, he was not willing to miss it. From a very young age he had been attracted to the stove and home cooking. His specialty, the world famous Galician empanadas, were soon the result of his inspiration and little by little he adapted his recipes to the classic Argentine style.

Almost half a century later, I still remember with nostalgia those afternoons when “Tío Bigotes” (as I used to call him affectionately) taught me in his workshop all the secrets of his cooking, knowing that in this way his legacy would last forever.

In 2007, the whims of life led me to honor his memory by making the journey back to Spain in his name.

Two years later, at the beginning of 2009, the first Tío Bigotes began his journey in Catalonia. Today, many years after that first opening, we continue to honor the family tradition, sharing every day the authentic and unique flavor of the Argentine empanada, just as Tío Bigotes taught me.



We work on the growth of our business with the same passion that we use to create our products, seeking to satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Produce high-quality artisan foods at competitive prices, providing satisfaction to consumers, suppliers and workers.

To be recognized as one of the largest Argentine companies in Spain, developing a work network with a common, lasting value aligned with the company’s strategies.


To become what Tío Bigotes is today, there was a long road to walk, with many challenges. The first of them was to find the perfect ingredients for traditional Argentine recipes.

It was not easy to find cuts of meat in Catalonia. The same thing happened with the empanada tapas, since there was no industrial production. Thus, we returned once again to the roots and began to produce them ourselves, following the customs of the countryside in Argentina, with fat (from cow instead of pork), which we had to buy, chop and melt.

The result was more than favorable and we were able to replicate the flavors that we so longed for. The public also supported us, and in 10 years we went from cooking at home to producing more than 100,000 empanadas a month.

Today, from our workshop located in Cervelló, we make each and every one of the empanadas that arrive at our premises, guaranteeing freshness and traditional flavor, according to Tío Bigotes’ recipes.